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Dr. Surfreak

Pubblicato:03/04/2011 19:39:40| Tags:Dr. Surfreak,

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DR Surfreak, (real name Cosimo Saracino) was born and grew up in Puglia (South of Italy).?He was drawn to music at an early age, he started playing guitar at the age of 12. ?In 2001 he moved to Bologna, the city renowned for its night life and an interesting electronic music scene, ?in which House music, Drum’n’bass, Techno, Electro and other genres all have their own space side by side. ?Here he started playing D&B and BreakBeat in underground clubs, finally falling in love with Dubstep.?His work has spanned genres from pure Soul music to Rock, from Minimal-Techno to BreakBeat. ?Also, he is involved in an artistic collaboration with NaffinTuSi (, (a project before and a company then) that works on various projects such as, movies and visual art installations.?He was invited to play in different clubs around Italy and London, and after winning a competition he performed live at the Milano International Design Festival.? During last years he has attended an internship as studio recording assistant in Quiet,Please! Studio Milan, where he was involved in the recording session of Malika Ayane "Grovigli" album. Although he use to play live set, he's fascinated by composing Ambient music, like he did for a live drama performance in Rome required by an experimental theatre company directed by Mariagrazia Pompei.? What emerged from his work is an attitude in searching new music and sound tendencies, join up music with images.



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